Bukit Timah is regarded as one of the posh towns of Singapore. The town is known for great shopping and food experiences. Below are some of the famous shopping centres in Bukit Timah near to Mayfair Gardens and Mayfair Modern you can look out for;

1. Beauty World Centre

Beauty World Centre is an iconic trading centre built in 1983. The centre houses some of the well-established retailers in Singapore. The centre comprises of two sections- a shopping centre and a residential block. The shopping centre has 5 storeys while the residential block has 20 stories. The centre is characterised by very beautiful barrel-vault shaped skylights at the top of the atrium.

2. Bukit Timah Plaza

The mall houses a wide range of businesses which makes a one stop mall. The mall is accessible, as it’s located near bus stops. There is enough parking for all people visiting the more, making it very convenient.

3. Sixth Avenue Centre

Sixth Avenue centre is a mixed development centre using both commercial and residential developments. The centre bounders MRT station. There are a number of schools nearby, making it a suitable residential area.

4. Rosalie Pompon

This centre is well known to fashionistas as it exclusively deals with fashion and beauty accessories. For all occasions, you always find all what you need- both casual wear, and official wear. Rosalie Pompon has more than 30 fashion brands. The outfits and accessories are sourced from Europe.

5. The Rail Mall

The mall is named after a railway line which must of the people remembers with nostalgia. The mall houses all sorts of businesses ranging from eateries, food stores, furniture shops, etc.
The railway train stopped its operation in 2011, but memories remain the people. This mall acts as a remainder of the “old Singapore”.

6. The originals

The shopping centre houses furniture. For the lovers of good furniture collection, this is a one stop shop for all types of furniture. A home should always be warm, comfortable, and fun. That’s what Originals does- offering

7. Bungalow 55

For house decoration needs, visit Bungalow 55. They are not your typical showrooms, but real homes. The shop opened its doors in 2012. You can get a wide range of house decoration; rugs, gifts, tableware, accessories, etc.

8. Chillax Market

This is one of the large market centres. The market is located on the third floor of Grandstand. The market has over 50 traders from different parts of the world. The market majors in clothes and fashion accessories.

9. Praisehaven Mega Family Thrift Store

This store is one of its kind. It’s managed by Salvation Army. In this store, you get all what you want under one roof. One of the good things about shopping in this store is that some of the proceeds go to charity course.

10. Coronation Shopping Plaza

The mall is 39 years old. It derives its name from the Coronation Road. The shoppers at this mall know each other. Though the centre my not be modern, but the experience is what the shoppers look for. The major renovations that are carried out from time to time, make the shopping mall remain relevant.
The mall has 111 shop units up to the third level. There is a basement which services as a car park. There are 20 residential apartments on top.