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Mayfair Modern Condo Fast Facts

Important notes:

  • Former Mayfair Gardens with 6 plot land with address 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 Rifle Range Road, was en-bloc by Oxley Holdings at November 2017.
  • It was announced that the NEW project names will be as follows:
    • 2,4,6 Rifle Range Road will be named as Mayfair Modern
    • 8,10,12,14 Rifle Range Road will be remain the same named as Mayfair Gardens
Project NameMayfair Modern
DeveloperCitrine Property Pte Ltd (Oxley Holdings)
Address2,4,6 Rifle Range Road Singapore 588373 to 588375
Showflat LocationRifle Range Road, along Dunearn Road Singapore (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6531389669
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$ psf (Click here for more)
Tenure99 years
DescriptionMayfair Modern, former Mayfair Gardens, redeveloped by Oxley Holdings, will be launching in 2018. Official information like floor plans, site plans, price list and showflat appointment can be found at
No of Units171 units
Site Area2,4,6 Rifle Range Road (8579.2 sq metres)

Mayfair Modern @ Rifle Range Road Along Dunearn Road (Bukit Timah)

Oxley Holdings has acquired Former Mayfair Gardens, now knows as Mayfair Modern through its subsidiary Citrine Property Ltd following a successful bid with the Mayfair Modern Price hitting S$311 million. The company will need to spend extra $52 million top up the 99 years lease. According to Knight Frank who is the marketing agent, this translates to a land price worth $1,244 psf per plot ratio.

The public tender for the upcoming Mayfair Modern Oxley was launched in late October 2017 with a reserve price of $265 million. It closed on Nov 16 following the agreement the individual owners of the units to the collective sale accounting to more than 84 % of the total strata area. Each of the owners is expected to receive a gross sale price of between S$1.7 million to S$2.89 million.

Mayfair Modern condo sits on a site area measuring 19,383 square meters which is approximately 208,474 square feet. The site is strategically located with a neighborhood affluent with various amenities including King Albert Park MRT station and reputable schools.

Once completed, Mayfair Modern condo is projected to house 386 condo units with an average of 70 square meters, with also properly planned Mayfair Modern floor plan.

With a purchasing price of S$311 million, Mayfair Garden’s break-even price is estimated to be around $1, 780 psf, noted by the executive director and head of investment and capital markets Ian Loh. Oxley Holdings revealed that Mayfair Modern project would be funded through internal resources and bank borrowings.

Located in Bukit Timah Singapore, the private residential site is surrounded by private condominiums and landed homes. The site also offers plenty of benefits to future residents of Mayfair Modern @ Dunearn Road  with its excellent connectivity due to the proximity to good roads connecting the region. Another new launch by Guocoland, Lentor Modern will be also be ready to launch.

5 Reasons Why Mayfair Modern at Bukit Timah Could Be the Best Place To Stay in Singapore

Mayfair Modern Location, Mayfair Modern Condo Map, Mayfair Modern Location at Bukit Timah

What makes Mayfair Modern  Condo the best place to stay? Well, if you are looking for a place with excellent connectivity, access to top-ranking schools and several amenities then look no further than Mayfair Modern.

Besides, the private residential area around Mayfair Modern Condo is a developing with lots of upcoming projects which means that land appreciation rate is high. So, if you need a place that adds value to your investment while providing your family excellent living space, you need to buy a house at Mayfair Modern Bukit Timah.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy as a resident of Mayfair Modern:

  1. Availability of Good Schools

When it comes to selecting the best residential area, a critical factor to consider is the availability of schools. You need to look for a place that not only has schools but schools which are prestigious offering quality education to your children. Lucky, future residents of Mayfair Modern have a lot to gain due to the proximity to popular schools.

The learning institutions cut across all levels ensuring that the education needs of kids from Mayfair Modern residence are well catered for. Additionally, the many schools in the area ensures that your options is not limited to only one school when picking the right one for your children to attend. This is why you need to make Mayfair Modern your home if you want your kids to access the best education.

  1. Bukit Timah Everything You Will Need

Another factor that makes Bukit Timah worth living in is its unlimited supply of essential goods. If you make Mayfair Modern condominium your home, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that most of the things that you will need are just a few distances away. This is because it is next to various shopping facilities and you only need to take a walk or a few minutes’ drives when going to shop. No need to cover long distances looking for essential supplies that your home depends on.

Some of the shopping and dining facilities that you will find around Mayfair Modern condo include; Beauty World Centre, Coronation Shopping Plaza, and Bukit Timah Plaza. Bukit Timah is also not short of places where residents of Mayfair Modern residences will get their foodstuff, you can get some of the best hawker food at Bukit Timah Food Market and Hawker Centre. You will also find restaurants, supermarkets, sundry shops and coffee shops around the area.

  1. Bukit Timah is Quickly Developing

Bukit Timah has a wealth of amenities coupled with a strategic location that makes the area one of the places that everyone wants to live in Singapore. There are lots of investors venturing into the region characterized by ongoing and upcoming projects that will enhance the look of the area with a boost to its lifestyle. Some of the prominent residential estates near Mayfair Modern include Sixth Avenue, Parc Palais condominium, the Tessarina, Maplewoods and Signature Park.

These unique sites not only enable the residents of Mayfair Modern to enjoy the neighborhood, they also give their investment value. This means that if you decide to sell your property in future, then you have lots to gain due to the impressive land appreciation rate in this region. This is why you should grab this opportunity to make Mayfair Modern your home too as you watch your investment gain value with time.

  1. Bukit Timah Enjoys Great Connectivity

Connectivity of the area you intend to make your home also matters since it determines what convince you are going to get. The fact that Mayfair Modern is well situated with good roads linking the residential area to other parts of Singapore makes it exceptional. Mayfair Modern along Dunearn Road is easily accessible via King Albert Park Mrt Station, Beauty World Mrt Station Sixth Avenue Mrt Station.

With excellent connection serving the residents of Mayfair Modern, the place is suitable for both private vehicles owners and residents who rely on public transport. Additionally, with no hectic traffic, your kids will get to school on time and arrive home early without being exhausted by delays in traffic. You will also have an easy time driving to the office in the morning.

  1. Availability of Parks

Apart from the convenience, Bukit Timah has to offers, you will be impressed with the greenery that surrounds Mayfair Modern Condo. The residential home is also located a few distances away from Mayfair Park which offers you and your family an incredible destination to spend some quality time together.

Additionally, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Batok Nature Park among others are also around the corner. This means that you can never run out of beautiful destinations where you can go relax your mind when off from work. These places also give the surrounding region from Mayfair Modern a spectacular view adding a luxurious touch to your home.

Developer of Mayfair Modern Condo – Oxley Holdings Group

Mayfair Modern Developer Oxley Holdings

History, Milestones, and Achievements

Oxley Holdings Ltd, the parent company of Citrine Property that bought Mayfair Modern, is a real estate property investment company that was started in Singapore. Most of their operations involve the construction of properties and investment.

The company has been involved in major property developments and investments since it was started and has now established their presence in other countries as well. Currently, the company operates in up to 12 countries including, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK, Ireland, and Cyprus.

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Apart from the development of properties such as Mayfair Modern, the group also undertakes property management and offers consultancy services. Some of the projects they have taken in the past are ranging from residential, industrial to commercial properties. In all these projects, the prime locations preferred designs, and the desired lifestyles have been their points of focus. This has enabled them to gain popularity due to the quality output they achieve once such projects are completed. Their vast knowledge of the market has also earned them a competitive edge which as seen them beat their competitors in the industry.

Their path in the construction sector has been characterized by partnerships with reputable firms alongside international developers. The company even acquired 20% ownership of Galliard Limited, a top property developer in the United Kingdom. Galliard Ltd deals with hospitality, management and property development alongside managing various property developments in both London and England. In another move, Oxley bought a 40% stake in an Australian property development company that deals with integrated projects, Pindan Group Ltd. Oxley also acquired 15% ownership of United Engineers which is a Singapore based engineering and property development firm that was founded in 1912.

Notable Achievements of Oxley Holdings Limited

Although their journey has been faced with challenges, the company has thrived to achieve a lot. Their success can be attributed to the dedicated team of experts and proper management they have in place. The company has earned trust from most of their clients thanks to their quality high-end products. Their past success is a clear indicator that the upcoming Mayfair Modern projects will enjoy a breakthrough.

Some of the projects that Oxley Ltd has worked include:

  • Riverfront Residences
  • Sixteen35 Residences
  • Affinity at Serangoon
  • Sea Pavilion Residences
  • The Verandah Residences
  • The Flow
  • Oxley Tower

To check out other projects done by Oxley, follow the link below:

Nearby Schools to Residents of Mayfair Modern Oxley

Mayfair Modern Condo Near Pei Hwa Pri School
Mayfair Modern Condo Near Methodist Girls' School

One of the critical decisions that parents have to make at some point is which kind of school to let their children attend. Considering that the competition for good schools is ever increasing, residing in a place with plenty of schools to choose from such as Mayfair Modern is a wise idea. With several reputable schools surrounding Mayfair Modern Condo, you can rest assured that your kids will receive the right education.

Some of the top ranking schools around Mayfair Modern include:

  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Hwa Chong International School
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • National Junior College
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School

Mayfair Modern is also surrounded with other schools such as kindergarten and day care centers to cater to the educational needs of your kids in their early stages. Apart from a wide selection of schools, there are other benefits that residents of Mayfair Modern Condo will enjoy, these include:

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  1. Time-saving

When rushing your kids to school in the morning, sitting in traffic could be quite disappointing. However, with proximity to schools around Mayfair Modern, your kids can walk to the nearby schools since they are a few distances away. This will eliminate time wastage ensuring that your kids arrive at school and home in the evening on time.

  1. Cost-saving

If you choose to reside in a place where the schools are located far from your residence, you will have to incur massive transportation expenses. But, with well-situated locations such as Mayfair Modern Residences, you can cut such costs since the schools are just distance away from your home.

  1. Child-Friendly Environment

Proximity to schools means a lot to your children since it provides them with opportunities for participating in extra-curricular activities taking place in their school grounds. The fact that residents of Mayfair Modern can easily walk to the school is an added advantage.

  1. Higher Property Values

Living in a good school zone such as Mayfair Modern impacts your resale value positively when you decide to sell your house.

Nearby Shopping Centers To Residents of Mayfair Modern Condo @ Dunearn Road

Mayfair Modern Condo Near Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

Mayfair Modern is also well situated to allow residents gain from the shopping centers around the area. Despite having considerably fewer shopping centers as compared to other residential areas, they are enough to serve the residents of Mayfair Modern and the neighborhood.

Some of the shopping centers include:

  • Beauty World Centre
  • Bukit Timah Plaza
  • Bukit Timah Food Market
  • Coronation Shopping Plaza.

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With the incredible benefits that residents of Mayfair Modern Condo are set to enjoy, this residential area is one of the places to make your home. It gives you a chance to reap the benefits of excellent connection, serene environment and access to amenities in the best living space. So, why not visit Mayfair Modern Showflat and get to experience how your home will look like once it’s completed!

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